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The BRUTAL lynching of young woman accused of “burning a Koran”

Das Video beinhaltet schwer zu ertragende Szenen. Sanfte Gemüter sollten sich das Video besser nicht ansehen.

Der Islam ist eine Religion die unbedingt, sofort gestoppt werden muss. Der Islam gehört nicht zu Deutschland.

This clip from a BBC documentary is shocking and hard to watch, but should be exposed to the whole world to see!

Zarghuna Kargar tells the story of Farkhunda, a 27-year-old Afghan woman, and religious scholar who was brutally murdered by a mob in the streets of Kabul in March. At the time it was wrongly alleged that she had burnt the Qu’ran.

The cleric yelled out that she was “sent by the Americans” and had “burned a Koran” – and that was enough for hundreds of people in the street to overpower police and lynch the woman brutally.
If this is what they do to themselves, what will they do to us “Infidels?”