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Unser Freund aus den Staaten – Fidelbogen – Counter-Feminist – hat die letzte Folge seiner Radioshow online gestellt:

Es geht um Feminismus – natürlich -, Elliot Rodger findet Erwähnung, gesellschaftliche Auswirkungen des Feminismus, wie man sich am besten zum Feminismus positioniert und vieles mehr.

Published on Jul 27, 2014

Nick Reading and I are doing a weekly radio show on 365 Live. The name of this program is ‚The Vanguard Report‘, and it is broadcast every Monday at 4 p.m. USA Pacific Time, at the following address:


Our e-mail address for the show is vanguardreport@usa.com

This is episode no. 10, from July 21, 2014. ^^

Other episodes, not necessarily in chronological order, will be uploaded gradually, when we find time for it.

The Vanguard Report is a platform for the non-feminist revolution. Our main focus is the struggle against feminism rather than „men’s rights“. We believe that people should stick to what they do best, and typically the way to accomplish that is to follow your passion.

Wir werden in der Beschreibung zur Radioshow auf Youtube freundlicherweise ebenfalls erwähnt:

We are most grateful to Wolle Pelz of Berlin, for his kind assistance in producing this video when our own software failed us. Wolle, you have been most sympatisch!

Check out Wolle’s web presence at the following locations:



Fidelbogen: Thanx for mentioning us!