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Poland Did Nothing Wrong #PolskaSamorzadna

Deutschland steuert auf denselben Abgrund zu wie Schweden.

Bei den Polen herrscht ein wenig Vernunft. Das können sich die Massenmedien allerdings nicht bieten lassen. Ganz Polen wird zu Nazis generiert. Die Presse wundert sich über ihren Ruf.

Ein interessanter Clip auf englisch.

Poland got smeared by Western media as being a nazi country. That narrative just doesn’t reflect reality, so allow the Angry Foreigner to enlighten you on the facts as usual.

SOURCES: http://bit.ly/2zPbTR6

Whether it’s major english-speaking outlets like Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, The Independent, The Guardian, Al-Jazeera, or major Swedish outlets like Göteborgsposten, Dagens Nyheter, Expressen, Aftonbladet, Metro, they’re all saying the same thing: ”Large right-wing extremist demo in Warsaw. Under banners demanding a white europe and a muslim holocaust, 60’000 extremists marched together in Poland.“

In reality, if there’s any country that has suffered at the hands of nazis it is Poland. And if there’s any country with a reason to celebrate independence it is Poland. Do you have any idea how offensive the media narrative is to the victims of the holocaust? Of which poles were many.

What makes Poland so dangerous is that they are smart enough to learn from Sweden, Germany and Belgium. After being occupied twice, both by communists and nazis, they don’t feel like being occupied a third time by islamists and globalists.

Poland has figured out that you can be humanitarian and help refugees, without allowing mass immigration to replace your people and your culture. You can help refugees without illegal immigration. You can focus on the root of the problem, which is the instability of war-torn countries, instead of focusing on the symptoms. Polish people marched because their country is safe and heading towards a bright future, whereas Sweden is being abused, plagued by bombings and sharia police growing in suburbian ghettos. Poland is a nation that has no respect for neither nazism or communism. They have a history of oppression with both these disgusting ideologies, and therefore calling them racist doesn’t work. Because they’ve seen what radical left-wing nonsense does. To Poland, globalization is just a multicultural version of ”germanization”.

Countries like Poland, Japan and Hungary are a threat towards globalism and the failed project of multiculturalism. They’re an inspiration to other countries, and proof that there is a way to turn back the negative development in Europe. That’s why western journalists and politicians will sink so low to promote this offensive narrative. They will lie about Poland, just like they lied about Trump and Brexit.

We can all learn a lot from Poland. Politics is supposed to represent the people. That’s something both our western media and political elite have forgotten.

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