[dropcap color=““ boxed=“no“ boxed_radius=“8px“ class=““ id=““]The Counter-Feminist:[/dropcap] The Manifesto of Strict Anti-feminism

Strict Anti-feminism (SAF) is an emerging non-feminist tendency that focuses narrowly upon the feminist problem, and downplays public rhetoric concerning men’s rights or male issues. The legacy discourse has become sclerotic, and SAF remedies this by striking out in a new direction.

Plainly stated, SAF is the philosophical mandate for a different political worldview. SAF is not a „movement“, but an intellectual template governing the formation of movements in the future.

SAF holds that the power to define feminism is a cornerstone of non-feminist identity and non-feminist alterity.

The goal of SAF is to bring about a core meltdown of the feminist worldview and the feminist cultural narrative, leading ultimately to a collapse of the feminist power structure in society. (…)