CAPX: Sweden’s progressive values can lead to some weird situations

We should have man-free zones in schools, parks, youth activity centers and other places where many people gather. This is the suggestion put forward by rapper Linda Pira to Göteborgs-Posten, the daily paper of Sweden’s second largest city Gothenburg. While the idea might seem extreme, it is not entirely out of place in the current debate being raged in Sweden. A music festival in Gothenburg has already been toying with the idea of zones where men are banned.

The simple reason is that a sad development is occurring in Sweden, where sexual assaults have become common-place. As the first day of the music festival We Are Sthlm kicked off last Tuesday, seven reports of sexual harassments were made. This is quite troubling, given that security measures have been ramped up in Swedish festivals.

Did someone say „apatheid“?