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Jewish Woman Hunts Nazis At An AfD Party

Orit goes Nazi hunting at an AfD beer hall in Munich

On September 24, Germany’s right-wing party „Alternative for Deutschland“ (AfD) garnered about 13{18423f3510016d69a38748c31b9d3c63e55e56caeb597c341a8ea176480d5299} of the votes. Germans–Jews and non-Jews–alike expressed horror at the thought that a nationalist German party made it to the Bundestag. So Orit went to go hunt this „Nazis“ down and bring them to justice–at a Munich beer hall, no less, where the local AfD victory party took place.
(Video comes with English captions).

Orit is a journalist and author.

Her most recent novel, Underskin, is a sexy German-Israeli love story.