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Germany Ranks Third Highest For Censorship on Twitter

Germany filed the third highest number of requests to Twitter for content to be removed from the platform, with only Turkey and Russia ranked higher, a new report has revealed. (…)

Beeindruckend. Man gibt vor, für demokratische Werte zu stehen, aber bekämpft sie. Der Bessermensch applaudiert, seine glattgebügelte, systemkonforme Meinung bleibt unberührt.

Twitter’s biannual transparency report showed that between July-December 2014, Twitter received an 84{18423f3510016d69a38748c31b9d3c63e55e56caeb597c341a8ea176480d5299} increase in global government and government-sanctioned demands to remove content. The top offenders were Turkey, which lodged 477 requests, Russia who requested 91, and Germany which lodged 43, though the reasons behind these requests differ. (…)

Da Deutschland immer motiviert war, die Vorrangstellung zu erreichen, geht es munter auf den ersten Platz zu. Heiko Maas arbeitet daran!

(…) Most German requests dealt with complaints of alleged hateful and discriminatory content, and resulted in a 37{18423f3510016d69a38748c31b9d3c63e55e56caeb597c341a8ea176480d5299} compliance rate between Twitter and the German government. Russia and Turkey’s compliance rates were both around 13{18423f3510016d69a38748c31b9d3c63e55e56caeb597c341a8ea176480d5299}.

A number of free speech organisations have voiced concern over the findings.

“Governments are definitely making more requests than they used to,” says Jillian York, director for international freedom of expression at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, based in Berlin. (…)