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Paul Joseph Watson:

The Truth About Trump’s Air Strike on Syria

Half of you will hate me whatever I say.

So here’s a list of people and entities who support Trump’s air strike on Syria.

  • Hillary Clinton,
  • Chuck Schumer,
  • Lindsey Graham,
  • John McCain,
  • Nancy Pelosi,
  • Paul Ryan,
  • Angela Merkel,
  • the mainstream media,
  • neo-cons,
  • never trumpers,
  • ISIS.

You have to admit that’s not great company to keep.

Is Trump playing 4D chess or is this the start of another disastrous slide into the Middle Eastern quagmire?

Einen Clip zum Giftgaseinsatz findet man in unserem Beitrag

Clip: Syrien – Politologe Lüders und Toxikologe Maser bei Lanz

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