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Wer Märchen als wahr verkauft, muss sich nicht wundern, wenn er Kritik erntet.

Aus den Kommentaren:

I was going to buy a new car next week. I had it narrowed down to an Audi or Mercedes. After seeing this commercial it now looks like Mercedes will get my business. Thanks for making my decision easy Audi!

if women got paid less for the same job, wouldnt companies just hire women?

yeah but now you’re using logic, which is toxic to liberals, so you’re hitler and need to be killed and/or fired

Who else is never buying an audi?

I would never purchase an Audi just because of this commercial. Just another low life Social Justice Warrior, Feminist, man hating, politically driven, gob of propaganda.

I knew there was a reason why I’ve always instinctually hated Audi owners.

Wie kommt’s? Man schaue diesen Clip

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