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A Voice For Men:

Do men make better CEOs than women?

In my last article, Women hate being CEOs – and they suck at it, the 20 top women CEOs from the class of 2012 scored a flat zero after 5 years – half had been terminated and the survivors all tanked their company’s financial rankings. Should I have reviewed the results of gentlemen CEOs for the sake of comparison? (…)

15 of the 20 men still held their titles after 5 years, compared to just 10 of the 20 women.

8 of the men improved the ranking of their companies, compared to 0 of the women.

Final result: Men at plus 451 were 994 ranks higher than comparable women CEOs, who scored minus 443. This was not just a slaughter of women CEOs, this was Bambi meets Godzilla. (…)

Everything must be social constructed again. 😉